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Are glass fronted gas fires more efficient than open fronted ones?

Yes, Glass Fronted Gas Fires often have convective and radiant heat and produce less draft in the room. They normally have lower gas consumption even though they have higher kW heat outputs. The balanced flue glass fronted fires are even more efficient because they take their air supply from directly outside and not from the room.

Can I fit it myself?

Fireplace installation is specialist work, requiring Gas Safe qualifications for Gas installations and Hetas qualifications for Wood burning and Multi-Fuel appliances. If an appliance isn’t fitted by a registered installer it may invalidate your insurance in the event of a mishap. Also warranties are not normally recognised by manufacturers if an appliance hasn’t been installed by a registered installer with the correct qualifications. At Amberglow we offer a full installation service by fully qualified and registered installers.

Can I have made to measure?

Yes, if you have an existing carpet cut out or limited width of chimney breast your fireplace can be made to the required sizes.

Can I mix and match?

Yes most fireplaces are made up of a variety of components making each finished product bespoke.

Can I still have a wood burner if I live in a smoke controlled area?

Yes, most of the Wood Burning stoves that we have on offer are DEFRA approved to legally allow the burning of wood in a smoke controlled area.

Do I need a liner?

Only if the chimney will not pass a smoke test. However some appliances both gas and solid fuel are designed to work with liners to improve efficiency.

Do you offer free surveys?

Yes we do, however we will only offer a survey once a customer has visited one of our showrooms. This helps to ensure that they are familiar with the products and services that are on offer and have an indication of price. It is always helpful and appreciated by us if customers can photograph the area where they would like the fire to be installed and any measurements they can bring are also helpful.

Does all the heat go up the chimney?

No – some fires just don’t produce much heat but we are here to help you make the correct choice. We have 40 working gas fires so you can experience them before you buy.

How much does it cost to run?

Running costs vary, however all the fires we sell are given an eco-rating and a cost per kilowatt per hour based on a typical tariff.

How much heat do I need from my room?

Whether you are looking for a Wood burner, Multi-Fuel or Gas appliance the general guideline is 1kW to each 14 cubic metres. If you bring in your room size we will guide you to products that best suit your needs.

How much heat does it provide?

The heat output varies so we can help you make the right choice to meet your requirements.

How often do I have to clean my wood burner out?

Burning dry wood in a well designed Wood Burning stove will produce very little ash and cleaning the stove out will vary between one to six weeks even with daily use.

My chimney breast is blocked up, can I still have a fire?

Yes you can, whether you want a Gas Fire or a Wood burner/Multi-Fuel appliance the likelihood is that the chimney breast would need altering to accommodate it. Re-opening the chimney breast involves much the same work so it isn’t out of the ordinary and wouldn’t cost anymore.

My chimney isn’t very big, can can I still have a wood burner?

Yes, we offer a range of types and sizes of stove to fit in any chimney.

My chimney stack has been taken down below the roof, can I still have a wood burner?

Yes you can, in this situation we would line the chimney and connect the liner to a section of insulated flue to pass through the roof. This does the job that the original chimney would have done.

What if I have no chimney?

No problem, there is a large choice of Balanced Flue Fires, Power Flue Fires, Flueless Fires and Electric Fires to choose from.

Which showroom shall I visit?

Both showrooms are fairly equal in the amount of displays. The Runcorn showroom is deceptive in size as it is a series of old terrace shops that have been joined through to create a showroom with displays upstairs and downstairs and we often hear people joke “It is like a rabbit warren”. There is a huge amount of fires and fireplaces with over 80 stoves to view. We have 9 working wood burning models and 33 live Gas Fires.

The Cheshire Oaks showroom has slightly more stoves with over 100 on display of which 10 are working fires. We also have 35 live Gas Fires and a dedicated Dru Room. Both the Runcorn and Cheshire Oaks showrooms have a variety of electric fires on display, each having over 25 on show.

The Cheshire Oaks showroom is more wheelchair friendly because it is all on one level.