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How do you extend the life of a wood stove?

Buying a wood stove for your household is not a small investment considering the cost of the stove along with the venting materials required.

It is essential that you know the steps needed to make that investment last as long as achievable.

There are easy things that can be done to extend the life of your wood stove as well as keep it warming your home for a lot of years to come.

In this article we are going to talk about the best ways on how to extend the life of your wood stove…

Conduct Regular Servicing for the Wood Stove

Servicing the structural health of your wood stove is vital to keep it going powerful. Check your wood stove yearly for any, rust, cracks,, gaps, or separations which have to be addressed. If your do not repair damages to the wood stove it is going to not work correctly.

You will undergo firewood such as crazy since the fire will be getting an excessive amount of oxygen coming through any kind of gaps or cracks. Not dealing with damages will also simply cause them to worsen further damaging the credibility of your investment.

Inspect the door gaskets as well. If your wood stove provides many doors for loading and also ash dump they all have to be checked and they needs to have some form of gasket material to help keep them air tight. These types of gaskets do break down with time from the heat exposure and has to be replaced. It is a very easy job to do. You will find gasket kits to buy.

Usually it is made from the rope gasket material that can be cut to length after which attached into place with gasket cement.

Prevent Low-Burning Fires and Over Firing the Wood Stove

Obtaining a good regular fire going as fast as possible is the greatest thing for your wood stove. A lot of wood burners should get the fire going as hot as it can be to warm up a home once the fire has gone out however this is simply not healthy for the wood stove. It is very harmful to burn your stove at considerably higher temperatures than what the producer recommends.

It is also harmful for you to burn low-heat fires in addition. It is due to the fact that until a fire get to a particular temperature, combustion is never complete yet and the levels of creosote will be increased. You definitely need to burn your fire in the most favourable temperature range so you keep the investment which you designed for your home as safe as possible.

These are very important points when it comes to extending the life of a wood stove. We hope you enjoyed our article all about How to extend the life of a wood stove.

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