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Tips for decorating your fireplace at Christmas


No other time of the year brings loved ones together like Christmas time. There is magic afoot while waiting with anticipation for Santa Claus to slide down the chimney delivering presents for all while sipping on a nice cup of hot cocoa and reminiscing Christmas past. Since it is Christmas, there will be stockings and a wreath of course.

Decorating your fireplace for Christmas offers warmth and creates a feeling of cosiness in any room. Don’t neglect the fireplace mantel; it is an excellent chance to demonstrate your family’s personality and taste.

A fireplace in the living room is comfortably the focal point of the room, and all eyes go to this place immediately. Here are a few ideas for decorating your fireplace for Christmas- without complicated or “fussy” materials – to get a stylish result that is perfect for your family.

Add photos

The best way to add pictures to the mantel is to choose several favourites and to put them in complementing frames. You can sit them next to each other, or on opposing sides of the mantel. Another option is for one large family photo above the fireplace mantel.

Add Some Photos

An anniversary clock

A clock is one of the most classic timepieces you’ll find on top of many fireplaces. Whether in gold or silver, this watch is always stylish and elegant. If the anniversary clock does not suit your d├ęcor, consider another clock made of metal, wood or other natural materials.

Holiday souvenirs

There are numerous beautiful things you can do with holiday souvenirs. Whether it is seashells, knick-knacks or art created by regional artisans, adding something from your favourite holiday is a natural conversation starter. With all the compliments rushing in this will give you the perfect chance to talk about your holidays and trips that you would like to take.

Artwork or awards your kids have won

This is an ideal choice, especially if your children are young or are in their school years. Showing your children’s accomplishments lets them know how proud you are of them. Giving them a place of honour on the fireplace mantel ensures that anyone coming into your home will see them as well.

Cards and photos

These are the popular things to keep on your fireplace mantel during the Christmas season. Share the love and warmth from family and friends with the cosiness of your living room. You can enjoy those photographs of a new baby, wedding or other happy Christmas celebrations.



What fun it is to put collectables on your fireplace mantel! Whether you collect teacups, dolls or something else, this is a perfect way to show off your collection. Remember to keep your toys on stands or otherwise protect your group from falling off the mantel.

Holiday decorations

Many people today love to decorate their mantel, not only for Christmas but also for many of the other holidays today including Valentine’s Day and Halloween. You can purchase your decorations or make them yourself. Begin your mantel Christmas decoration by hanging Christmas cards on a green or red satin ribbon. Hole punch each ticket in the top corner and let them create a pretty decoration. Throw in some tinsel and maybe even some mistletoe and you’ve got yourself the perfect Christmas fireplace.

Holiday Decorations

Family heirlooms

One of my favourite mantels is a friend who has added many family heirlooms and relics; it looks lovely. In a tiny wooden chair next to the fireplace sits a porcelain doll that her grandmother used to play with. The wooden chair was one that she used to sit in as a little girl. Metal cars and other toys sit on top of the mantel, her husband’s toys when he was a little boy. It looks charming, old-fashioned and something you won’t see in every home.

Saying or quote

Quotes have become especially popular with those who love crafts – adding quotes or sayings to different places in their homes. You now can buy stick-on letters to add to the walls or other areas in your home, like the fireplace mantel. Whether you want to say something like “Home Sweet Home” or “Merry Christmas,” it can be done with a saying or a quote.

Key dish

“Where are my keys?” is something that most family members say. You need a key dish in a handy place that everyone knows where it is. Keeping it on the mantel is an ideal choice because it is accessible to everyone, and you’ll never lose your keys again!