5 reasons for buying a fireplace this winter

Written by Amberglow on October 5, 2018

Creating a warm and inviting environment is essential for surviving the cold winter season. This could be done through decoration and whacking the heating up. But have you considered buying a fireplace?

A fireplace is a wonderful way to create a cosy and warm atmosphere. On a cold winters night, there is nothing better than sitting before a crackling fire and feeling the warmth whilst enjoying your favourite drink. A fireplace is no doubt a favourite amenity that you

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A guide to choosing the right stove for you

Written by Amberglow on September 6, 2017

Choosing the right stove for your home can be tricky if you either don’t know what you want it for or simply don’t know much about stoves. Don’t worry about it; we don’t expect you to be an expert. We’ve decided to help you out and made a helpful guide on how to decide which stove is right for you.

What do you want it for?

So the first thing you need to consider when choosing the perfect stove for your home

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What are the benefits of buying wood during the summer?

Written by Amberglow on June 26, 2017

During the summer, it’s fair to say that heating is not an issue. This would mean that buying wood logs for your stove in the middle of summer is a crazy idea.


Not necessarily.

Believe it or not, buying your wood in advance is a great way to stock up and comes with many benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Benefits Of Buying Wood In The Summer

One of the many benefits to buying your wood in the summer is

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Why must you sweep your chimney this summer?

Written by Amberglow on April 28, 2017
sweeping your chimney this summer

There is nothing as relaxing as sitting in your house in front of a burning wood fire during the cold season. To ensure your safety and health as you use the fireplace, your chimney needs regular maintenance.

You may ask why sweep your chimney even if you have not used it many times. It is advisable to clean and maintain the chimney to ensure it is safe to use.

There are several good reasons to clean your chimney but here are a

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What are the pros & cons of wood-burning & multi-fuel stoves?

Written by Amberglow on April 15, 2016

In 2008, a precipitous rise in oil prices led many to reconsider long abandoned heating options.

Both wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves are considerable cheaper alternatives to traditional oil and gas heating methods. Although the price of oil has since retreated, many people are still intrigued by the environmental and economic potential of these traditional heating sources.

Strictly speaking, a wood burning stove is any stove that burns wood, wood pellets, and other wood based products and biomass exclusively. A multi-fuel

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What are the pros & cons of traditional & modern fireplaces?

Written by Amberglow on March 16, 2016
Differences Traditional Modern Fireplaces

Fireplaces have been used since time immemorial to heat up rooms especially during the cold winter months with the aim of keeping them warm enough and by so doing, ensure their habitability.

In modern times, they are mainly used for aesthetics since their primary role of heating up rooms has been overtaken by modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

There are two main types of fireplaces in vogue today namely: traditional fireplaces and modern fireplaces.

The differences between these two as well

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Gas Stoves vs. Electric Stoves

Written by Amberglow on February 25, 2016

A heated debate usually evolves when people start talking about gas stoves and electric stoves in a bid to decide which the best is.

Determining the best stove can be a daunting task due the existing adamant opinions about these two products.

That is why our team of experts went an extra mile to compile a detailed pros and cons list of the two stoves to help you decide.

Pros of a Gas Stove

• Gas stoves are very reliable. For instance, a gas

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How to choose a fireplace that is right for you

Written by Amberglow on October 2, 2015

Whether it is a new build or a renovation project, adding a fireplace and deciding between the choice of wood, gas or electric can be a hard task especially when you do not have a clue about its pros and cons.

Besides this choice, another deciding factor can be the type and design of a fireplace that will suit your needs and your lifestyle.

Gas is best if
Wood is best if
Electric is best if

Fuel availability & cost
It is cost-effective and available in

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