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Gas Stoves vs. Electric Stoves

A heated debate usually evolves when people start talking about gas stoves and electric stoves in a bid to decide which the best is. Determining the best stove can be a daunting task due the existing adamant opinions about these two products. That is why our team of experts went an extra mile to compile a detailed pros and cons list of the two stoves to help you decide.

Pros of a Gas Stove

• Gas stoves are very reliable. For instance, a gas stove will still work in the event of an electric outage. Imagine yourself using an electric stove then a prolonged power outage occurs? Going without food is probable in this case.

• Gas stove has an edge when it comes to cooking. You are guaranteed of an instant and constant flame adjustable according to your preference hence making the cooking process smooth and devoid of disappointments.

• The flame produced by gas stoves cooks food more quickly and evenly since it is equally distributed throughout the pan surface.

• Gas stoves command a lower operational costs compared to electric stoves especially if you are already using natural gas in your house.

Cons of a Gas Stove

• A gas stove is a bit stinky and puts off so much heat. If you have a small kitchen, you can be hugely affected by the heat and the odour.

• A gas stove creates water vapour which mixes with the cooking fats you use creating messy and dirty spots in the kitchen. You may find yourself doing cleaning more often than when you use an electric stove.

• If the burner doesn’t turn on promptly, the stove will still release gas into the air, and this can be a disaster if the burner is left on for long.

• High risk of fire and burns due to the open flame from the stove.

Pros of an Electric stove

• It is easier to control the heating in an electric stove giving a consistent cooking outcome compared to the gas variant.

• Electric stove has an efficient heating system that will ensure that your kitchen remains as cooler as it was.

• It is easier to clean an electric stove since most of them have a glassy top. You don’t have to remove the burner or clean the hardened spill as in the case of a gas stove which takes much of your time.

• They are easy to operate and also inexpensive compared to its counterpart.

• Electric stoves offer more stable cooking surfaces compared to the gas stove. This is more suitable for amateur cookers.

• It produces dry heat which provides a conducive environment for optimal roasting.

• The risk of fire is very minimal since it does not have an open flame.

Cons of an Electric Stove

• They are very slow when it comes to cooking food unlike the counterpart.

• In the case of power outage, the stove is rendered useless until the power is back.

• Electric stove uses electricity compared to gas stove which uses natural gas. It is thus expensive to operate compared to its counterpart.