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Hole in the Wall

Here at Amberglow Fireplaces, we offer a wide range of Hole in the Wall Fires in gas, electric, wood burning and multi-fuel to the Cheshire, Liverpool and Runcorn areas. Hole in the Wall fireplaces are a unique form of fireplace that stick in-wall and act as a stunning and different addition to your home that will make your living room stand out from all the rest. One of the best aspects fo having a hole in the wall fireplace is that they can be easily adapted to fit into any interior space however big or small; these fireplaces sit snugly into the wall, freeing up more space around the house. Whatever your style and or budget, we're here to help. Come and see the live displays in our Runcorn and Cheshire Oaks showrooms today. Why choose a Hole in the Wall fireplace? Hole in the Wall fires are perfect for any home as they sit nice and snug inside of the wall of your home, so it does not take up any additional space within your room. They are a simple and easy solution for anyone looking for a modern fireplace. These fireplaces are sleek and elegant, bringing a modern & sophisticated touch to your home. The reason that these fireplaces have become so popular is because they can adapt to virtually any space, whilst also providing warmth, comfort, and style.